Face-lift: Nostradamus is now Prime Tips

What is Nostradamus?

Nostradamus is a website that provides advice in the betting business. We aim to help all sort of betters, from profession to beginners, betting in the games that will bring them more profit. 


Are you changing?

No and Yes! No, because our business model is still the same, we provide you with the best tips, with a huge success with profits over +400% (last month for reference!). Yes, we are changing, but just the name. We will now be Prime Tips.


Why are you changing?

After a couple of months and investigation, we've seen that some of our members are confused with some of the keywords we use which are mainly Portuguese, "Apostas do Nostradamus" is actually "Nostradamus Bets", but we don't do bets! We just help you with how to make one. Therefore, we are changing so our name is more friendly to you and our international community.



We praise to listen all our members! Please let us know what you think, email us at support@prime-tips.com with your feedback.