BANK 100

BANK 100
BANK 100 (the name comes from the initial capital of the bankroll) was set up with the intention of providing an even demonstrating to our followers that with just one daily bet you can profit over a small period of time if needed. Instead of making (over and over the same mistake) innumerable bets in a day, therefore diluting the profit and proportionality increasing the risk of bankruptcy.

Currently in the Free format but originally belonging to our Prestige tips, where all they have to do is invest the stake that we daily recommend in the bet suggested for a month.

It was initially created at the request of our Prestigers to avoid the following errors committed by most sports bettors:

* Bet all of your capital on a hunch. (All in)
* Make betting accumulators with 4/5 games
* Having won at the start, presume that your strategy is always a winner
* Bet 20% (or more ..) of your capital on every bet, convinced that you are being cautious

Over 10 editions BANK 100, all with profit and above all with the transparency of the results posted in our Facebook Page, day after day!